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This site is prepared with the intention of providing information concerning class reunions, locating members of the Hobbs High School Class of 64, and maintaining a directory of class members, ect.


We are looking for members of the 1964 Hobbs High School Graduating Class,Teachers, Counselors, Administrators and others associated with the class for a future reunion. Our goal is 100% of alumni available, so we need your help. We will be posting names of those that are "lost". If you know the location of any of these class members, contact: Jerry Berrett at or Don Conaway at If you don't have e-mail access please feel free to call me: Jerry Barrett (540)720-8111 or Don Conaway 505-232-9389. If a class member is deceased, we want to know that as well so we can recognize them.


If you have information regarding any 64 class member, send it to us and we will post it for all to share. Rest assured, we will okay all postings with the member(s)involved )or their surviving family before snaring them with the class. This can be information about: (educational/professional achievements, awards,changes of address, new job, marriage (or divorce), births, vacation trips, unusual or interesting hobbies, ect.) about the class member or their family, so send us those stories. We can also post pictures. If you have pictures that you think would be of interest to the class send them in digital format (gif or jpeg would be great) if possible. If you can only send the print, we will provide a snail mail address upon request, and digitize the picture for posting.

It will not be long until we have been a graduate of HHS for 40 years and we would like to celebrate it in style. If you have any ideas send them to us and we will keep a data base of ideas with the intention of using them all. We are talking about 2004 which is only four years away. That is not much time to plan the party of the decade, so don't hold back let's all get involved, after all it is our graduating class and our reunion.

Don't forget the reunion committee because they have worked long and hard to keep track of the class and plan the past two reunions. They deserve our graditude and a pat on the back. They have had to use their own money to make things happen, so if you can find it in your pocketbook send them some money. I will have an address for you in the next update.

REUNIONS 1999 AND 2004

The reunion committee will begin planning the 35th reunion within the next few weeks. Information will be provided as it becomes available.

Don't forget to send your ideas for the 2004 reunion. Let's have a big party that Hobbs will never forget!